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Henshin Collection Series

Reissue King Walder-1 Collection - Red King Walder 1 and Green King Walder 1 (09/04)


Henshin Cyborg



Henshin Collection 01

Ultraman Jack (8/03)


Henshin Collection 02

Mirror Man (1/04)


Henshin Collection 03

Casshern (4/04)


Henshin Collection 04

Mazinger Z (7/04)


Henshin Collection 05

Devilman (9/04)


Kaijin Collection 01

Skeleton King (9/04)




Reissue Cyborg-1

Silver Cyborg-1 (9/04)

Gold Cyborg-1 (9/04)


Reissue King Walder-1

Green King Walder (9/04)

Red King Walder (9/04)




Kaijin Collection Exclusive

Black Dokuro King - Warp Magazine Exclusive (9/04)


Henshin Collection Exclusive

Mazinger Z Metallic Version - Toy's Dream Project (9/04)


  Replica Packaging

 Reissue King Walder was sold in replica of the old 1970's packaging design. The back of the box featured the current reissue line-up from Henshin Collection and Kaijin Collection series.

  Henshin Catalog

 Each figure came with small catalog / booklet (the same one that was included with Kaijin Collection set). The booklet featured Henshin Cyborg story and catalog of the series line-up. The catalog/booklet was done in the same style as the vintage one.


  Takara released the reproduction King Walder-1 and Cyborg-1 as core body only instead of costumed Henshin and Kaijin Collection Set. This marked the first time since the release of Shonen VS KW Jr. series in 2001 that Takara sold Henshin Cyborg as separate figure and not as part of a costume set. The first reissue series for 2004 Collection line included four figures - two Cyborg-1 and two King Walder-1. The figures were essentially the same figure used for the Henshin Collection and Kaijin Collection Set. For the Henshin Cyborg side, Takara released Silver and Gold version of Cyborg-1 and for the Walder side, Takara released Green and Red King Walder-1.

The reissued Green and Red King Walder-1 came in replica of the 1970's style packaging for Henshin Cyborg. The Henshin Collection Set packaging was definitely more classy looking than these replica style box. The Henshin Collection body was not the exact replica of the vintage toy but was very similar. (The original body was based on Combat Joe body which was Takara Japan version of 12" GI Joe body) The plastic used for the two reissued King Walder-1 was much better than those that were used for the Henshin Cyborg bodies that came with the Collection costume set. The joints were still a little loose in place but the figures overall was of much better quality. Each figure came with a pair of arm attachments done in soft PVC along with extra hands (close fist and gun grip style). The set was a welcome change for those who only want the Henshin Cyborg body and do not want to pay extra for the costume set.


Below - King Walder-1 Arm Attachments.