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1975 Original Microman

Microman Series M11X Type - M111 Bobson, M112 Bobby, M113 Barnes and M114 Blacky  (c.1975)

M11X Type



M11X was sold out of the display box in a plastic capsule.  Each member came with specific color capsule. M111 was sold in orange capsule, M112 was sold in red capsule, M113 was sold in cream (off-white) capsule and M114 was sold in yellow.

Early capsules came with green Microman badge logo sticker on the lid that identified Microman., Takara later changed them to Microman Command era logo in 1977.  


Early version of M11X, the figures came with "L" connector that match the color of their shin guards.  M111 & M113 came with white, M112 came with blue and M114 came with yellow.  Later releases, the "L" connectors only came in white.

Sticker and instruction sheets.  Although, each figure came with the chest sticker pre-applied, Takara also include extra one on the sheet.

Takara released M11X Type Microman in 1975, the second year of Microman-Zone toys.  M11X came in a capsule similar to the one for M10X barefoot.   M11X came with "L" connector and a set of sticker to decorate the figure.

There are several variations to the M11X type since the time the figure was first released in 1975.  Early version of M111 Bobson came in darker sea blue, Takara later changed this to brighter blue color, perhaps to make him more attractive to kid.  The second run of M11X also have lengthier shoes than the first version, this was done to increase stability to the figure.   In 1978, during Police Keeper Series, M11X were released with several minor changes.  First the "L" connectors are now white color instead of light blue for M112 & yellow for M114.  Second, the shoulder joints were opaque white instead of clear.  (Takara switched to opaque white shoulder parts in 1978-1979.  The white shoulder connectors would soon became a standard on all post-1979 Microman figures with the exception of the Rescue Microman type).

There are currently four members to M11X type plus a premium name Preton.  Preton was a premium mail-away figure promotion for first series Microman Gum.   Preton came in three different version, the first is all black body with white feet and hands, second is all black body with white hands but black feet, and the third, which is the rarest of the three, is an all black color (including the head, hands and feet) with a die-cast body. 

M11X types were never released as Micronauts toys but were featured in several Micronauts catalogs and instructions.  M11X also never did make a formal appearance in Microman manga by Moritou.  M11X would however become a basis for the M13X Spy Magician design.  Another interesting fact is that early prototype design, Takara gave M11X a robot like head instead of the human head.

Takara also included M111 & M113 as accessories to Machine Car vehicle series.  M111 came with Machine Car #1 Formula Z (Micronauts: Warp Racer) and M113 were included with Machine Car #2 Auto Buggy (Micronauts: Ultronic Scooter). These figures came package without the capsule.

Takara re-issued M11X type Microman in May of 2000.  Along with reissue version of M111-M114, Takara also released clear mode M111-M114 and M110 Preton.

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Microman M11X Type had few variations and production run changes.

Like M10X, early version of M11X came with shorter length shoes which were change to the commonly longer type.  The shoes length was probably increase for better stability.

Early version of M112 Bobson came in pale sea blue color, he was later change to brighter blue tone.  (left is the early version and right is the later version - it's a little hard to tell the difference from this digital picture.)

After 1978, Takara began using opaque white shoulder piece for the many of the figures.  The M11Xs that were produced after 1978 came with the opaque shoulder part, this was including Microman M002 from New Microman Series.

Microman M11X Story

Microman M11X are the Microman who were revived near earth planet core. Their bodies have undergone major evolution and every organs were replaced with cybernetic parts. They have unique energy circuit unlike any other Microman.

M111 Bobson - very intelligence and a leader of M11X.

M112 Barnes - medical doctors.  Head of Micro-Red Cross.

M113 Bobby - great talent in development of weapons.

M114 Blacky - great knowledge of universal science.

M111 Bobson

M112 Barnes

M113 Bobby

M114 Blacky (vintage)

Microman Gum Premium

In 1976 Takara offered an all black version of M11X as mail-away Microman gum premium.  There were three version of Preton - all back body with white feet, all black with black feet and all black with black feet, hands and head.

Preton was reissued in 2001 as part of Microman Watch Set from Takara e-Hobby Shop.

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