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Micro Archive

Original Microman (1974-1984)




Original Microman and New Microman Series



Magne & LED Powers Microman Series



Replica Microman Series

Takara produced or licensed Microman for several different products during the original Microman series including gum, candy toys and most notably the comic book series publish by TV Magazine.  Takara also produced several premium items such as Microman key-chain wing and stands for store promotion along with exclusive Microman figures.  The list of Microman artifacts from 1970's is pretty hard to compile due to lack of record.  Below are some of the known items as listed on various Japanese Microman websites.





Store Promotional Items

Microman Key-Chain wings (1979)

Microman stand (1979)

Microman Poster  (1979)

Microman Stickers (1975)

Books & Magazines (1975-??)

TV Magazine Microman manga serial (1977-79?)

TV Magazine Collectibles Cards (1978?)

TV Magazine Microman manga Compilation Vol.1-6 (1978-79)

Zero Zero Magazine (1977)

TV Magazine Special Microman Book (1978)

Microman Children Book (1978)

TV Magazine Prizes

TV Magazine Prize Gold Plated Microman M22X & M20X (1977)

Premium Microman Figures

Microman Gum Titan 401 Black Hercules (1976)

Microman Gum M11X Preton (1977)

Microman Gum M15X Antonio,  M16X Egypton and Titan Gimca F4 Mama (1978)

Micro Hoodman Sausage Premium H711 & H701 (1979) 

Store Promotion Chrome Plated M131 & M134 (1979)

Store Promotion Chrome Plated M141 (1979)

Store Promotion Special Version M132 & M133 (1979)

TV Magazine Microman Club "Crew Of Spirited Boys"

Microman Club Member Kit (1977)

Microman Club Patch (1977)

Microman Club Case (1977)

Microman Club Hoodman Key-Chain (1978)

Microman Fan Club (MFC)

Microman Fan Club Membership Kit & Newsletters (1979)

Microman Merchandise

Microman Record (1980)

Microman Kabaya Candy (1980)

Microman Gum (1975-78)

Sausage Hoodman (1978)

Soft Vinyl Doll Robotman (1975)

Microman Punching Bag (197?)

Microman Pencil Case (197?)