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Microman Magne Power

1999 Series 3 - Super Microman


Magne Microman

1999 Microman Magne Power Series


Series 1 - Winter 1998

Magne Power Microman
The debut series for the new Microman line. The initial wave consisted of basic figures and deluxe magnemo toys. 


Series 2 - Spring 1999

Magne Titan
Second series added more magnemo toys and introduced the Titans.


Series 3 - Summer 1999

Super Microman

The line greatly expanded to include Microman base, new Microman figures and two large size Robotman toys.


Magne Power Exclusive

Limited Editions
Magne series line-up also included several exclusives and limited edition figures and toys.


2000 Microman LED Powers Series


Series 4 - Winter 1999

Laser Microman
Takara introduced a scaled down follow up series with new figures and new light-up gimmicks. 


Series 5 - Summer 2000

Secret Breaster
Second LED series consisted of repaint figures and more reused mold from the Transformers.


Series 6 - Fall 2000

Shining Tector
The last of the new Microman series again consisted mostly of redeco figures and recycle molds from the Transformers line.


LED Powers Exclusive

Limited Editions

Takara continued with more exclusives and limited edition toys for the LED series but the list was much smaller than the previous year.

After small line-up in the spring of 1999, Takara went full steam with the summer releases of Microman Magne Powers toys. Takara released Microman Base Microstation in June of 1999 along with wind-up figures called the Zen-mine. Microman Base were Flying Fortress-like Microman ship that disguised itself as video game player Playstation.  The new figures were goofy looking wind-up (pull-back Choro Q style) vehicles that can transformed into small robot.

Summer 1999 (6/26/99)

Microman Base
033 Microstation with Magne Conan


Micro Zen-mine

034 Kero-Charge
035 Mogu-Launcher

036 Kama-Claw


Acro Zen- mine
037 Pyrany-Tron
038 Kabu-Turbo


Super Microman (7/15/99)
039 Super Arthur
040 Super Izam

041 Super Walt

042 Super Edison

043 Super Odin


Magne Arden
044 Arden Purple
045 Arden Dark 

046 Arden Flame


Microman Kit-Machines
047 Galac Hopper
048 Micro Escargot

049 Crab Dozer

050 Earth Jetter

051 Bulk Lifter


Micro Machines
052 Mr. Grey & Power Drink with Magne Cyber


Robotman (9/15/99)

053 Robotman Dean
054 Robotman Endeavor
055 Giant Acroyer - Alpha, Beta & Gamma


*Many of the Magne Power series toys were released in Korea between 2002-2003




"Microman is Super Human 8 cm tall. He came to Earth, chasing the Acroyer.  Now save the Earth from the Acroyer! Use a table as base."

- from Magne Power Package

The second assortments were released in July of 1999 and consisted of brand new Microman figures called the Super Microman. The new figures featured a much improve articulations over the first series (the Magne Microman). Beside new Microman figures, the Acroyer also get new figures - the Magne Arden. Takara rounded out the figures with new vehicle kit called Microman Kit-Machines. The Kit-Machines were homage to the first Microman toys and came unassembled. Takara also released the last Micro Machines - Mr. Grey and Power Drink set which was a tie with Takara Mr. Grey toy line. The set came with exclusive figure Microman Cyber.

However, by this time Microman was not doing as well as Takara had hope for and rumor of line cancellation began to surface.  Takara suffered serious financial trouble, both Microman and Transformers Beast Wars anime had drain the company already small capital and the toys did not generate the return that they had hope for.  By the end of the summer, Takara released the last Magne Power Microman toys - the two Robotman (D & E) and the Giant Acroyer.  The new Robotman toys were combiner style robots using magnemo connector with chest cockpits much like the old Robotman.  The Giant Acroyer also magnemo-8 combiner toys that featured three small robot that combined to form the New Giant Acroyer.  The toys from the Super Microman series were selling briskly and they got some positive response from fans.  By fall of 1999, Takara decided to release follow-up series called Microman LED Powers. The new, much smaller series was to be supported only with Bom Bom comic.