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Replica Microman Series 

Millennium Set  M170 Takeru & M180 Maria -  Takara e-Hobby Shop Exclusive (3/29/00)


Lady Command

Lady Command 


Reissued Microman M18X (11/1999)
M181 Ann
M182 Alice
M183 Annie

M184 Ai



M185 Azone (1/00)
Azone International Exclusive MA-001 "Azone"

Complete Command (3/00)
Metallic Mode M184 - Toys R Us Exclusive

Clear Mode M18X (3/24/00)
Toys R Us Exclusive
Clear Mode M181
Clear Mode M182
Clear Mode M183

Clear Mode M184

M180 Maria (3/27/00)
Millennium Set with M170 Takeru - e-Hobby Exclusive 

Glitter Mode M180 (12/00)
Command Leaders Set B with M170 Takeru - eS! Toys Exclusive

M18X Arcee (?/00)
Takara SF Land Book Prize

Takara offered Millennium Set as their on-line store, e-Hobby Shop, exclusive. The set was offered on January 1st, 2000 and shipped on March 29th 2000 The set featured Microman Command 3 M170 Takeru and Lady Command M180 Maria done in "Microman Gum" premium black and white color scheme. Back in mid 1970's Takara offered several special black and white color schemes Microman figures as mail-away premium for Microman Chewing Gum. These 1970's "Gum Microman" included Microman Command 1 "Antonio" and Command 2 "Egypton" so the Millennium set took the Gum Microman concept and expanded to the two remaining Microman Command series - the M17X and M18X.

Takara e-Hobby Shop Exclusive

Microman Millennium Set came packaged in small flat box with artwork drawing of M170 & M180.


M170 Takeru - expert in space physics


M180 Maria - expert healer


Command Leaders Story

In the year 2000, while all seem peaceful, suddenly an incident occurs.  Cosmo Satan Arden A356 took control of the crystal satellite that orbit earth and collect cosmic energy.  A356 redirected the  cosmic ray to the Acroyear base. Arden Corp. then amass themselves at Microman Base at Mt. Fuji and start to destroy several facility.  Microman spring into action at their head quarter and call M150 Antonio - great authority in Cosmic Energy and M160 Egypton to recapture the crystal satellite.   Arden however could not fully control the crystal satellite path and it's start to direct the ray to other section of Earth.   The Cosmic Energy hit the ancient ruin of Japan & Goddess of Freedom from Paris (Statue Liberty) and suddenly two light streak up into the sky and circle the crystal satellite.  They announce "we came here to help you".  Together the four Microman Commands recapture the crystal body and stop the Arden's plan

M170 Takeru had black body with white pelvic, hands and lower legs. The figure came with matching black capsule, and a set of gold plated "Rocket Wings" and "Cutter Bracelets".  Also for the first time Takara included Microman figure stand with the figure. The stand was molded in off-white color.

M180 Maria had off-white color body with black mini skirt, lower legs and hands. The figure came with white capsule, and a pair of gold plated Lady Command "Angelic Wings". Like M170 Takeru, M180 came with Microman figure stand molded in off-white color.

 Takara had also just reissued the two "Gum Microman" figures as mail-away premium "Antonio & Egypton" set for the Replica Microman Series so these two M170 & M180 Millennium set made a perfect compliment to the Replica Series line up and ,after over 20 years, also finally "completed" the Command line-up with black and white "Gum Microman" versions of Microman Command 3 and Lady Command.