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Replica Microman Series

Central Hobby Microman Jig-Saw Puzzles Set - M152sp Toys R Us Exclusive and M164sp Department Store Exclusive (5/1999)


Microman Commands

Microman Command 1


Reissued Microman M15X (3/1999)
M151 East
M152 Eric
M153 Elder

M154 Evan



M152 Eric (SP) (5/99)
Central Hobby Puzzle Exclusive


M159 Elias MCM (10/99)
Post Hobby Exclusive


Complete Command (10/99)
Metallic Mode M151 - Toys R Us Exclusive


M004 Eiji Gold (1/3/00)
Golden Age Exclusive


M150 Antonio (4/00)
Takara Mail-Away Premium Set (with M160)


Glitter Mode M150 (12/00)
Command Leaders Set A (with M160) - eS! Hobby Exclusive


Alpha H-7 M152 (12/26/00)
"Revival of Commands" 3rd Microman History Set - 20th Century Toys Exclusive


Clear Mode M15X (2/9/01)
Toys R Us Exclusive


M:I:S 03 M15X Type (2/25/01)

Tokyo Toys Festival Exclusive


Microman Command 2


Reissued Microman M16X (3/1999)
M161 Sheriff
M162 Sander
M163 Smith

M164 Sammy



M164 Sammy (SP) (5/99)
Central Hobby Puzzle Exclusive

Complete Command (10/99)
Metallic Mode M163 - Toys R Us Exclusive


M160 Egypton (4/00)
Takara Mail-Away Premium Set with M150 Antonio

Glitter Mode M160 (12/00)
Command Leaders Set A (with M150) - eS! Hobby Exclusive

Alpha H-7 M161 (12/26/00)
"Revival of Commands"  3rd Microman History Set - 20th Century Toys Exclusive

Clear Mode M16X (3/01)
Toys R Us Exclusive


M:I:S 04 M16X Type (5/4/01)

Toys Land Exclusive




Puzzle Microman Exclusive

Each Microman came packaged inside a jig-saw puzzle box. The puzzle was 500 pieces and produced on good quality board when finished yield a 38X52cm size picture. 


Microman Jig-saw Puzzle

 Microman Command puzzle (Panel 5-B) was the second Microman puzzle series released by Central Hobby. The first series featured Microman Zone puzzle (Panel 5-A) and came with exclusive Microman M105 James and M106 Jason. (See also Replica Microman "barefoot" Series - M105 & M106 Puzzle Set)

Takara released second puzzle Microman set in May of 1999. This time the puzzle depicted Microman Command series and used the pictures from old Microman Command catalogs.  The puzzle set were sold with two different pack-in exclusive figure - the first set included special metallic mode Microman Command 1 M152 Eric and the second set included metallic mode Microman Command 2 M164 Sammy. M152sp set was sold as Toys R Us store exclusive and M164sp was sold as department store exclusive. M152 sp was dark red metallic with chrome pelvic and shins. M164 sp was silver chrome with metallic black pelvic and shins. Both figures came with dull gold-color plastic wings and chest plate. M152sp came with marble gray capsule and M164sp came with gold color capsule.

Puzzle Microman - M152 sp and M164 sp